Catherine Skwara is a photographer with a passion for film and theatre make-up. She officially graduated as a photographer in 2011 at the Karel de Grote College in Antwerp, though by then she realized that make-up was even more exciting and fulfilling to her.


In September 2011, she enrolled in a make-up class at Encora in Antwerp, where she learned how to work effectively with grease paint. In February 2012, Catherine then attended a second class at Encora; where she specialized in 3D make-up. Her teacher, a well-known Belgian make-up artist called Jos Brands, taught her how to design wounds, how to make prosthetics and how to seamlessly apply them onto models.


As for fieldwork, throughout 2011 and 2012, Catherine worked as the make-up artist for 2 short films by Raphaël Crombez; a Master film student at LUCA School of Arts.

By March 2012, she did her first real stage make-up job in service of a theatre group called 'Mortsels Jeugdtoneel' (MJT); for a play that was inspired by Disney’s 'Aladdin'. The following years Catherine helped out with several other plays, such as: The Emperor's New Clothes, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid and The 3 little pigs.


Catherine currently works as a full-time photographer at the company Smart & Co Nv, though she still focuses on honing her skills in make-up on the side. She is also in the process of shaping her Youtube channel, which is devoted to SFX make-up, and which is steadily growing in popularity.